Speaking Engagements: Dave can customize a speech for your group on Middle East current events and issues, Islamist terrorism, aspects of Islam that are not generally understood in the West, or an analysis of US policy in the region. These aren’t boring speeches that are heavy on academics and facts and figures, these are informative, energetic discussions that will give your audience something new to think about. They are usually concluded with a lively question and answer session with the audience.

Refuse to be a Victim Seminars: Dave is an NRA-certified Refuse to be a Victim instructor who can provide this valuable crime prevention and personal safety program to religious organizations, companies, private groups, retirement facilities, and any other body or gathering with an interest in learning how to be safe in an increasingly unsafe society. The seminar deals with personal, home, electronic, physical and travel security and easy tips to make you situationally aware and avoid criminal predators. It is an interactive seminar with active audience participation.

Firearms and Security Training: With over four decades of security and firearms experience in the Marines and the Intelligence Community, Dave can provide you with customized training solutions for firearms training, concealed carry, home defense, and electronic defense. Don’t think your smartphone is spying on you 24/7/365? Talk to Dave.

Media Analysis: Because of his long career with the Intelligence Community and has first-hand knowledge of the Middle East, its people, and its issues, Dave has been invited to appear and provide analytical commentary on a number of national media outlets. He is a recognized Subject Matter Expert on Islamist terrorism with an unparalleled knowledge of why the situation in the Middle East is the way it is.

Consulting Projects: Dave has been commissioned for specific studies by the Intelligence Community over the years. He is an expert in Arabic Deep Web research and Open Source Collection and was involved in designing much of the Intelligence Community’s early Internet research tradecraft. He is a proven performer with outstanding results.

Arabic-English Translation: With over 40 years of experience as an Arabic linguist, Dave has provided translation services to the Intelligence Community, prestigious law firms, and international agencies.