Dave has NRA certifications as a pistol and rifle instructor, as well as instructor certifications in Refuse to be a Victim and Personal Protection in the Home. He is also a Certified Range Safety Officer. With decades of security and firearms experience, he can provide private, customized training to meet your needs.

Firearms Training:

Regardless of whether you have never fired a pistol or rifle before, or you are an experienced shooter whose technique and marksmanship fundamentals just need a tune-up, Dave can get you up to speed quickly.

Thinking about concealed carry or home defense but you’re unsure of what firearm to select? Dave can quickly discuss your needs and help you find a firearm that will be comfortably and ably fill that desired role. He can help you get that concealed carry permit, too!

Security Training:

Common-Sense Home Defense: Many people mistakenly believe that acquiring a firearm is the key to their home defense plan. Unfortunately, relying on a firearm as your sole home defense option may mean that you actually are more at risk! How awake will you be when somebody crashes into your house at 3 a.m.? What do you do when you don’t have a clear shot at the intruder because an innocent family member or houseguest is in the way? And do you really understand the legal ramifications of using deadly force against someone in your home? A home defense firearm is like your own nuclear weapon system that should only be used as a final, last resort – it should never be considered your first defensive option.

Dave works with clients to build a multi-layered ring of defenses around clients’ homes with the aim of deterring burglars and home invaders in the first place. The objective is to provide common-sense planning to those who may not even want to have a firearm in the house while giving those who do want to have a gun on hand for home defense with a series of options to avoid having to use it. Doesn’t that just make more sense?

Electronic Security:

Home defense and concealed carry training (and recurrent training) provides clients with the ability to defend themselves in the event of an attack by criminals. But in reality, such a self-defense scenario has a fairly low probability.

Where almost all of us are the most vulnerable is with our computers and smartphones. These devices – especially are phones – are actually spying on us 24/7/365 and potentially reporting our locations, contacts, messages, and other sensitive data to some pretty sketchy entities around the world and we don’t even realize it.

With an extensive background in the intelligence community, Dave can train you on the vulnerabilities and risks from your phone and computer so that you can strike a balance between those risks and your convenience that will be acceptable to you! Knowledge really is power! Take control of your electronic devices and learn how to protect your sensitive data, photos, videos, and messages and even that of your loved ones!