• Islamist Terrorism Subject Matter Expert 
  • Over Four Decades of Service to US Intelligence Community
  • 13 Years of Service in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe 
  • Fluent in Arabic
  • Author, Speaker, and Media Analyst
Dave began his career as an intelligence officer in the Marines following his graduation with honors from the prestigious Defense Language Institute’s Arabic Language program. In the four decades since that graduation, Dave has been involved in every major Middle East crisis from the 1976 Syrian invasion of Lebanon to the threat from Islamist terrorism today. 

He has worked extensively in the field of Islamist terrorism and he has studied and translated books, videos and many other materials on the Islamist ideology for the Intelligence Community. With his 13 years of foreign service, he has the kind of thorough, in-depth knowledge about the language and culture in the Middle East, the traditions and beliefs of orthodox Islam, and the nihilistic ideology of extremist Islamism that very few people have today. Click on the “It’s the Ideology” tab above to learn more about Dave’s book that offers something that our leaders in Washington have not: a real, achievable strategy to defeat the ideology of Islamism and actually WIN the war on terrorism.

Dave has received numerous commendations and awards from senior intelligence officials. He is a dynamic speaker with new and innovative approaches for solving many Middle East issues. Get in touch with him today for speaking engagements, translation projects, or consulting/analytical services by clicking on the “Contact Dave” tab!